I'm A Mormon
Posted: January 1, 2016, 12:00am by Emily Browning Print Email

Hi! My name's Emily. I'm married, I'm 24, and I'm a Mormon.

If anyone's reading this that isn't a member of the LDS Church and knows how many meetings we have, you've probably found yourself wondering why we have so many. We have 3 hours of church on Sunday and then there are quite a few other meetings during the week and throughout the year. I went to one of those "other" meetings a couple of weeks ago on a Saturday. It was part of our bi-annual Stake Conference. I think the reason we have so many meetings is to remind people like me what they should be doing to come unto Christ and gain eternal exaltation. It's not that I forget what I should be doing, but more that I fall out of habits and then, when someone touches on what I need to be doing, I say to myself, "Oh yeah, I haven't been doing that and I need to get back to it or I need to be better about it."

The adult session of Stake Conference was a good reminder to set goals. Once these goals have been worked on and hopefully achieved, they can become good habits. Several of the things that were talked about were prayer, scripture study, and spending time with family. While these were all good topics and I did find myself saying that I could do better, the one that stuck out to me was that it's important to write in a journal. It's been several years since I've written in one, and, now that I'm past the days of writing frivolously about all of my crushes, I feel that I'm ready to get back to writing down spiritual promptings and experiences that will help me remember how or when I strengthened my testimony and came unto Christ. I often forget good experiences shortly after they occur, so it sure would be nice to have something for me AND my posterity to refer to on a bad day. Who knows, maybe one day, my great grandchild will be having a hard time and they'll be able to read my journal and think, "Hey, my great grandmother was able to gain a testimony by doing this or that, maybe I can too."

If Stake Conference wasn't enough of a nudge to get started on a journal again, I had a lesson over Thanksgiving break about keeping personal histories. While in Utah, my bishop was teaching a lesson and he read several entries from some of his journals. They weren't all spiritual, but they were all indications that he had been living his life righteously. If his children were to read his journals, they would know that their dad had lived a good life and stayed on the straight and narrow.

The take-away that I got from both of these meetings was: I need to write in a journal. Maybe I can have a small notepad that I have with me all the time to write down promptings or experiences that could be forgotten otherwise, or maybe I can start writing down how my little family lives day to day just so I can look back and see the hand of The Lord in my life when I might not have realized it in the moment. I might not write every day or every other day, but that's okay. I'll find what works for me, and I know it will bring me closer to Christ by making me more aware of all of the blessings that he and Heavenly Father give to me.